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Top 5 Emerging Technologies to Look Out for in Field Service

Emerging technologies have a significant impact on the performance of the after-sale service – service rendered after a product’s initial sale. Technologies such as wearable devices, IoT (Internet of Things), drones, 3Dprinting among others will improve the field service software, field management, and management software. After-sale service is crucial as it is the most prominent opportunity that can be used by the manufacturers to increase margins, improve the loyalty of the customers and most importantly generate revenue. The following are five emerging technologies to look out for field service.


Efficiency is the most considerable impact that can be made by wearables. Cost saving and enhanced customer experience will be promoted if experts can fix diagnosed problems faster without having back up from other additional experts.

Smartglass technology, for instance, provides adequate training to the technicians that have little experience in repairing that equips them with the knowledge of efficient, good repairing. When such kind of technology is used, the technicians will perform their tasks without referring to instructions while working which is time-consuming.

Several barriers have made enaction of wearable technology slow such as increased dependency on apps. However, when the technology is adopted in field service management, all customer expectations will be met efficiently.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Are you wondering what use of Internet of Things as a field software entails? Well, this is very simple: it involves the creation of valuable interactions with the customers aimed at improving their experience.

When there is an entwined network between sensors and physical goods, manufacturers will have a more straightforward task exchanging data between their internal systems and the products that they sell. When IoT is used, products manufactured with ‘smart parts’ can send signals to customers and the manufacturer which enables them to rectify any situation in time.

The above service management software is crucial in a field service because it creates a healthy customer-manufacturer relationship. This triggers business positively and encourages customer loyalty.


Drones have become quite popular nowadays; you will see them almost everywhere: in outdoor concerts, sporting events, and even during photography sessions. Drone technology has both long-term and immediate benefits in field service management. For instance, if you own any large-scale facility drones will come in handy to diagnose issues.

Also, drones are useful in warehouses where they are used to retrieve parts which make the process straightforward and efficient. Come to think of it; drones can also be used to make part deliveries in the field in future. By so doing, additional service call costs will be eliminated. Drones are therefore very useful.

3D printing

Lately, there are a lot of technological advancements that have been made to make field service software more efficient. 3D printing, for instance, has been in use as through 3D printing, part prototypes have been created. Nowadays, the technology has been enhanced such that it is now possible to print metal fragments using 3D printing. Therefore, this skill can be employed in the manufacture of actual replacement parts.

The impact that 3D printing will create in future on warehouse needs and parts inventory levels will be monumental. This will result in reduced costs and also speed up the repair process which is of mutual benefit: it increases manufacturers’ revenue and improves the customers” experience.

Driverless car

It is estimated that in 2025, there will be more than 19 million driverless vehicles on the road worldwide. The emerging technology will be very beneficial to the field service since technicians will have the opportunity to multitask which is impossible behind the wheel nowadays.

While multitasking, the technicians will use field service management software or even apps to make sure that any appointment scheduled to happen in future is efficient. The technicians will, therefore, do a quick and successful repair during the actual appointment day. A driverless vehicle can self-drive to a garage for repair or even drive to the warehouse to collect a service part while the mechanic performs other tasks.

The above mentioned emerging technologies that will affect field service software, field service management, and service management software will contribute to increased profits. If possible, it is a wise idea to adopt some of them.

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