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Mobile Field Service Software is Transforming Business Globally

Mobile Field service software continues to change as technologies like smartphone and the IoT play a larger part in business services all over the world. Companies recognize the value of digital communication in improving their operations and their value to customers. Those organizations that rely on mobile teams are finding it’s necessary to give them every advantage if they’re going to stay competitive. Customers used to complain about technicians and similar personnel being late for appointments, arriving unprepared, or being unable to do their jobs without constantly phoning back to the office. Modern field service management is helping to put an end to these issues.

What does mobile field service software do?

Many industries rely on technicians, inspectors, home health workers, engineers, construction, and other types of employees visiting customers on a daily basis. Sometimes this requires managing multiple field teams or agents. You can take advantage of mobile technology to help automate scheduling, billing, and work orders. Workers on the go can receive customer information and job updates before they ever reach their destination. They can also keep dispatchers informed back at the head office, access online resources, prepare inventories, develop more efficient routes, and schedule maintenance or follow-up visits.

Benefits of Service Management Software

More Efficient Operations

By tracking your field teams electronically, you can send them notifications at the push of the button when there’s a need to cancel appointments or handle emergencies. For example, you could need the closest team to get there in a hurry, and swap jobs with another that will be delayed electronically. You can send driving directions and traffic updates to minimize travel time. Another key advantage is that you can set up performance metrics like customers served or time used for each field service employee. This information can all be saved for later review. This allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses within your operation and make necessary improvements to your scheduling and dispatch activities.

Share Information

Mobile field service software can help you to automate producing invoices, quotes, inventory reports, and more. These documents can be updated and signed electronically, and both pushed out to the affected mobile employees or saved on network servers as a shared resource. Notes, measurements, photos, parts orders, and other field data can be submitted instantly to the home office. Having all this accessible through one central interface allows you to make better plans and provide faster and more detailed support to the agents you’re counting on to satisfy your customers.

Lower Costs, Higher Returns

Gathering and managing service information to improve your efficiency will reduce your costs in a number of ways. Digital field service management allows technicians can supply the billing information from the field and get invoices created automatically. Work times can also be instantly tracked so that there’s no need for your administrative staff to be doing the paperwork or re-keying information into your system.

Tracking activity in the field helps you reduce wasted time and effort both on the road and at the job site. Getting greater productivity from your team will give you a greater return on investment. Better efficiency managing the workload also helps you to avoid hiring extra help or paying overtime that you may not need.
Better route planning will save you on fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and shorten time between service calls so that you can serve more customers and make more money.

Higher Productivity

Mobile field service software helps you get the most from your employees in several ways. Better management of their time and resources will lead to getting more work done, but it will also reduce some of the stresses and headaches they experience on the road. Smoother operations and fewer problems means more contented employees. On the whole, happy employees are more engaged with their jobs and have greater loyalty to your company. Tracking their activities can also help you to identify potential leaders and suggest better ways of training and preparing new hires.

In the end, mobile field service software will streamline your operations and boost profitability. It provides a high-value, flexible set of options that will make things simpler and easier for you and your workers. That means more happy customers.

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