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Most companies have field technician who play a significant role in representing a business to the customers through their services. Business owners cannot ignore the field workers role in promoting growth and increasing efficiency in customer service delivery. Fieldwork remains one of the areas with least changes in most companies. However, the organizations that have paid more attention to the area attest to increased sales and improvements in customer service leading to a better bottom line. Below are ways you can employ to improve the efficiency of field workers in your business:

1) Definition and Management of your Goals

Field service management begins by identifying your goals and working towards meeting the goals. Working towards a particular target, not only motivates the field workers, but also helps in monitoring progress. The field managers together with the field technicians in the service companies should formulate a way to measure their efficiency to ensure that they are making progress in their service delivery. They should also set realistic goals that they can complete quickly without a lot of pressure. Encouraging the workers not only promotes quality, but improves productivity.

2) Adoption of the Field Service Management Software

The FSM software goes a long way in improving the effectiveness of field workers following the broad range of services that comes with it. Field managers have been using it in managing tasks, work order management, inventory and dispatch management, and tracking the progression of tasks. The navigation in unfamiliar grounds has become easier through the help of FSM software while billing and invoicing is faster than ever before. The field technician can integrate the software with their smart phones allowing easy accessibility from any place.

3) Enhancing Communication and Accessibility to Information

The growth in the technology has made it easy for the supervisors in the office and field workers to communicate effectively. Lack of proper communication has an impact on the service delivery since the field technician may need authorization from the managers before the commencement of work. The development of the field service management software has increased the effectiveness in the delivery of information to the field workers. The software allows the companies to centralize their work information and orders which eliminate the need to rely on the traditional communication methods.

4) Use of Modern Technology

Field work involves a lot of data entry. The improvements in technology are slowly eliminating the papers and job sheets, which use the traditional method if entering data. Automation and use of various gadgets in the field have allowed real-time delivery of collected data, minimized many errors made during data entry and reduced the loss of collected data stored in physical files. Additionally, automation has increased the processing speed of information and the productivity of workers in the field. Cloud also offers secure storage for your company’s data without the risk of loss or damage.

5) Train the Field Workers on the Technologies they will Use Every Day

Purchasing the right software tools is one thing, but using it is another. Therefore, business owners and managers should train the workers on the operation of various technologies to increase their usage and reduce the amount of time spent on one task. The technicians should have the basic training on on-site reporting, capturing a signature, billing information, as well as effective communication with the supervisors or back office dispatchers.


Field service management requires collaboration of key stakeholders such as the field technician, supervisors or managers, and the office staff. All the parties work together in ensuring maximum efficiency of workers in the field and increase speed in the delivery of services to the customers.

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