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Top 5 Ways for Field Service Companies to Improve Customer Experience

As a field service company, you only have one chance to make a great impression. There are no second chances to this. A recent survey done among field service companies reveal some fascinating facts. One of these facts involves their field service companies. These employees are the first point of face-to-face contact their customers. What they say or do greatly affects the impression the customers have on these companies. Hence, they should not only be technically skilled, but they must also know how to handle customers and impact a good experience in them. This post will look at the top five ways you can create a positive experience among your customers as a field service company.

Train Your Field Service Employees

The employees of field service companies are the first point of contact between these companies and the customers. They are their brand ambassadors. If they come out as rude and unhelpful, then that is what the customers will think about the company. Hence, you must train your field service employees about good customer service. They must know how to talk to customers and respond to any complaints they might have. They must know what communication channels to choose to notify you about any problems that might come up in the field.

Use a Field Service Management Software

With the increasing use of technology, you have no any other choice but to get a field service management software. Even your customers expect you to have some kind of software that can track their orders and facilitate faster deliveries. There are hundreds of field service management tools out there, and each is designed to offer different kinds of solutions. You need something that can allow you to track your customers, receive notifications from the field employees and respond to customers directly. A good software will not only enable you to keep good relationships with your customers, but it will also reduce the amount of paperwork in your office.

Improve the Response Time

We are living in a fast-paced world. Every minute and second counts. According to customer service experts, the average amount of time customers are willing to wait for a response is three hours. Beyond this, they feel ignored and undervalued. In fact, researchers report that customers who wait for a response after lodging a complaint or query for more than five hours are likely to move to competitors. You need to improve your response time to create a good customer experience and possibly retain them. This may mean having a highly efficient field service management system in place to sort out customer complaints and assign them to employees for faster response.

Consider Diagnostic Tools

Even if you have received a complaint, you will not solve it or prevent future complaints if you don’t dig deep down to the root cause of the problem. In this case, you will need a diagnostic tool to help you identify problematic areas within your service delivery chain. You can invest in a tool like remote sensor to provide a comprehensive diagnosis about the performance of your field service machines. You can know where the machine is located, the amount of fuel it contains, its maintenance schedule and any other important thing you might want to know. This way, you will ensure no faults or downtimes that might inconvenience your customers.

Do Not Overpromise

Never overpromise your customers. When you overpromise, you make the customer’s to have high expectations. This can be disastrous when they finally discover that you can’t do what you had promised. The most ideal way of dealing with customers is to underpromise but overdeliver. Since the field service team members are the ones who are in direct contact with customers, talk to them about making promises. Let them be moderate when making promises to avoid communication breakdown between them and the customers.

Reward Your Customers

You don’t necessarily need to reward all of them. Just get a few loyal ones. When you reward your customers, you are simply showing them you appreciate and value them. As a result, they become happier and more willing to do business with your company. You can give them gift cards or offer discounts. A simple word of appreciation can also make a big difference.

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